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Pressure Pulsation Test Stand


E-mobility pressure pulsation test with positive and negative pressure or vacuum test + media temperature control and climate chamber Fields of application Technical Specification Typical DUTs (Cooling Circuits) E-MobilityNorms:– MBN 10306 M-07– VW8000 M-07– GS 95024-3-1 M-07– GS14193 Aerospace Liquid…

Compliance Testing for BMW GS 95024-3-1, VW8000, MBN 10306 Auto Electrical and Electronic Parts: Meeting Environmental and Validation Standards

Electronic Control unit cooling circuit VW8000, GMW14193

At Maschinenbau Poppe + Potthoff, we provide cutting-edge test equipment for environmental and mechanical validation of automobile components. This includes parts connected to the cooling circuits, component elements, composite materials, and surrogate plates utilized in passenger vehicles, multi-purpose vehicles, commercial…

Testing and Validation

Pushing it to the limit. Test stands for e-mobility components.

Validating EV Components The powertrain market is shifting away from fossil fuels to all electrical-powered engines. The trend is significantly speeding up over the past years and large automotive manufacturers are committing to 100% electric vehicle (EV) fleets within the…