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At Poppe + Potthoff we serve many industries and marine and shipbuilding applications are frequently tested on our rigs. Ship engines are assembled with many components. Many of them are exposed to high pressures and thus require substantial pressure testing. Consequentially, engine parts for fuel injection such as diesel or ING, and recently also hydrogen, are tested with pressure cycle rigs and strength tests. In addition, some rails or injection nozzles are exposed to autofrettage processes. Further, ship engine cooling systems, pumps and valves are exposed to pressure and frequently tested with Poppe + Potthoff pressure test rigs.

Poppe + Potthoff offers a wide range of pressure test rigs that are utilized in the shipbuilding industry. Find a fitting rig and contact us to discuss your unique project.

Burst Test Rig
Pressure Cycle Test Rig

Liquid Cooling Burst- and Pressure Cycle Test Rig

Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau leads in burst and pressure pulsation testing for liquid cooling components like coolant distribution racks, manifolds, and CPU/GPU cold plates. Our rigorous testing ensures these components can withstand extreme pressure fluctuations, with burst pressures up to 70 bar (1100 psi) and pressure cycle testing at up to 20 bar (290 psi) using PG25 coolant. We utilize both wave and square pressure curves at frequencies up to 2 Hz, providing a comprehensive simulation of operational conditions. Additionally, our testing of passive cold plates, which rely on external Coolant Distribution Units (CDUs), further guarantees system reliability by mitigating internal pump failure risks.

Burst Test Rig
Pressure Cycle Test Rig

Burst- and Pressure Pulsation Testing Cold Plates

Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau’s test rigs provide essential burst and pressure pulsation testing for liquid-cooled cold plates in server technology, mirroring practices from the automotive industry. Designed to verify component durability and seal integrity under fluctuating cooling circuit conditions, our rigs handle up to 35 bar (500 psi) in burst pressure and 12 bar in pressure cycle testing with PG25, at frequencies up to 2 Hz. These tests are vital for ensuring the reliability of cooling systems in CPUs, GPUs, and similar hardware. For more information, visit our product page.

Burst Test Rig

Large Components | Burst- and Pressure Cycle Test Rig

The test stand has two large chambers in which individual burst pressure and pressure cycle tests can be executed. Our state-of-the-art P+P flex pressure intensifier covers large components, such as accumulators, and generates pressure load changes of up to 800 bar with a frequency of up to 10 Hz.

Compressed Air Booster

Nitrogen (N) Charging Unit

The PPM nitrogen charger (PPM NCU/HA/35/400) is intended for filling large accumulator systems such as bladder, membrane and piston accumulators.

Compressed Air Booster

Compressed Air Booster

Our compressed air booster units are utilized where the existing compressed air supply is no longer sufficient. Consequentially our booster units increase pressure from e.g. 3 bar to up to 50 bar to meet requirements for special tools, machines or systems.

Burst Test Rig

Hose Test Bench with Laser Measurement

When hoses are subjected to pressure, they often change from their original form and dimension. The test stand has an integrated automatic laser and length measurement system and can measure torsion easily. In addition, a quick connector system enables the hoses to be replaced rapidly.

Burst Test Rig

Pipe and Hose Test Bench

Hoses, pipes and pipe connections must reliably withstand operational pressures and predefined pressures during testing. To prove the component and material quality, they are exposed to pressure, sometimes to the point of failure or bursting.

Burst Test Rig

High-Pressure Burst Test Stand

Components are exposed to extremely high pressures during operation and must be tested for quality and material fatigue. Our high-pressure test bench for burst pressure tests up to 15,000 bar can put any component to the test.


Autofrettage for R&D and Prototypes

The autofrettage system is ideal for research and development and prototype manufacturing. The rig enables manufacturers to mount different components with a flexible fixture system. Therefore a high variety of components, designs and prototypes can be autofretted on the system.


Autofrettage for (Diesel) Injection Lines

High-pressure lines such as diesel injection lines (common rails) are autofrettaged for continuous use with pulsating pressure in series production. By applying the autofrettage process component service life can be increased by up to 30%.

Autofrettage Systems
with hydraulic Pressure Intensifier

Up To 15 000 BAR

Learn more about our AUTOFRETTAGE SYSTEMs

Pressure cycle test benches
powered by pumps, pneumatic or hydraulic pressure intensifiers

Up to 6000 BAR

Learn more about our Pressure Cycle Test Rigs

Burst test rigs
driven by pumps, pneumatic or hydraulic pressure intensifiers

Up To 15 000 BAR

Learn more about our Burst Test rigs

Leak Test Rigs

Leak Testing

Learn more about our leak test rigs

System Technology


Air Boosters

Learn more about our Booster Units

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