System technology up to 400 bar. Ready-to-connect air amplifiers, compressors, nitrogen chargers and more. Use 2 weeks for free to ensure integration.

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System Technology
Air compressors and Boosters

Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH supplies compressor units, compressor stations and pressure control systems up to 400 bar for various gases. We offer you ready-to-connect units to increase the existing pressure for pneumatic and hydraulic applications. This allows the performance of existing systems to be expanded flexibly and efficiently. Our compressor units are used wherever the existing system pressure is not sufficient to implement certain applications. A PPM compressed air booster unit can, for example, be integrated into the existing compressed air network at any point using commercially available hose couplings or connected directly to a mobile compressor during assembly work and is therefore used for a selective increase in pressure.

Of course, our systems are UL or CE-compliant, depending on your needs. In addition, we offer you service and support directly on-site. Test the air booster unit free of charge for 2 weeks after a detailed consultation.

Pneumatic Compressor Units

white compressed air booster with pressure gauge by Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau

Compressed air booster up to 400 bar.

Our compressor units are used wherever the existing system pressure is not sufficient to implement certain applications.

Hydraulic Compressor Units

Hydraulic booster unit with pressure gage by Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau

Hydraulic booster units.

Ready-to-connect units to increase the existing pressure for hydraulic applications.


We offer several pressure tests in various pressure ranges as a test service. Whether for research and development or serial production, please contact us with your testing requirements for a non-binding offer.


As a specialist in pressure testing technology and state-of-the-art test rigs, Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau supports the development and production of particularly resilient components made of various materials – especially for automotive, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering as well as fluid and the medical industry. We offer individually designed test benches such as burst pressure test rigs, pressure cycle test benches, leak test systems, functional test rigs and autofrettage systems.

Autofrettage Systems
with hydraulic Pressure Intensifier

Up To 15 000 BAR

Pressure cycle test benches
powered by pumps, pneumatic or hydraulic pressure intensifiers

Up to 6000 BAR

Burst test rigs
driven by pumps, pneumatic or hydraulic pressure intensifiers

Up To 15 000 BAR

Leak Test Rigs

Leak Testing

System Technology


Air Boosters


Our experienced technical sales team will help you with the implementation of your project and will find a solution tailored to your specifications and your requirements. We are represented internationally and can support you and your company worldwide. Our team has completed hundreds of projects many of which involved supporting test facilities with identical equipment. P+P Maschinenbau is your internationally trusted partner.

P + P Maschinenbau is a proud part of Poppe + Potthoff GmbH. Learn more about the group and our sister companies.

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