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Leak test benches with water, glycol, SF6, oil and gas up to 3000 bar. In order to ensure that components are manufactured without leaks, they are exposed to proof tests to identify leaks and weak spots.

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Leak Test Stands
With Fluids and gas

To make sure that cast parts, tubes, hoses, assemblies, and various other pressure vessels are manufactured non-leaking, they are tested with a non-destructive (hydrostatic) leak test. For example, oils, water, glycol, air, nitrogen, or sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) are typical test media for leak testing.

A leak is usually an unintended hole or crack in a component. Hence resulting in a pressure drop from high to low. Thus, when an internal component or pressure vessel is above normal atmospheric pressure it is said to be in a state of positive pressure. Consequentially, if a seal or crack bridges the sealed positive pressure area with a lower pressure region, the positive pressure will escape to a lower pressure. Therefore, the location of escaping pressure is the spot of the leak.

Depending on the requirement, our leak test rig can be equipped with a vacuum unit or a low- or high-pressure module. Our state-of-the-art test rigs are designed with a modular system. Thus, we utilize previously designed modules and fit them to your exact requirements. With that our rigs achieve reliable and repeatable test results. The Poppe + Potthoff leak test stands can be manufactured as multi-chamber test systems. In addition, the rigs can be connected to a climate chamber. Further, they can be equipped with media heating and cooling. Test procedures and measurement data are logged, visualized, and documented via LabView. Our systems are UL or CE compliant as required.

Multi-Purpose Leak Test Rig up to 3000 bar

Depending on the requirements the rig will be equipped with a pressure pump, our patented fine-control method, and a pneumatic or a hydraulic pressure intensifier to generate pressure. A PC allows programable pressure curves and test setups and extensive data acquisition, and visualization for optimal analysis. The rig allows various test setups tailored to customers’ test specifications.

Performance Data

  • Pressure up to 3000 bar
  • Bubble / Under Water Test
  • Pressure Drop Test
  • Heated / Cooled Test Media
  • Pressure booster for additional supply
  • Temperature-controlled head-cooling
  • Easy access to pressure booster for maintenance
leak test stand on wheels with open security chamber,  flooded chamber for bubble test and mounted touch PC by Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau

SF6 Leak Test Stand

The SF6 leak test rig allows tightness tests on common rails and other components. The pressure is generated through a pressure convertor, while the SF6 is contained in the high-pressure medium. A leakage is determined in the vacuum chamber with a laser sensor. For efficiency, a clamping device is located in the test chamber. It is adjustable and can be used for almost every type of common rail. Adaptation of the rails is enabled through high-pressure hoses and couplings. The control unit is a Siemens PLC and involves a touch panel as an input and display unit.

Performance Data

  • Test pressure up to 2700 bar
  • Programmable pressure holding times
  • Leak rate measurement
  • Programmable test setups to run various specific test points
  • Automatic clamping of the components
White SF6 leak test stand with closed chamber and integrated operating PC by Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau

Leak test rig for Fittings

With the Poppe + Potthoff leak test systems valves, cast parts and many other (automotive) components and assemblies can be tested for leakage. The system allows pressure (drop) tests on a wide range of components up to a pmax. pressure of 1 000 bar. The pressure points are approached with a pressure intensifier and allow flexible pressure ramps and pre-programmed holding times. This unique system allows impulse pressure to be applied to the test DUT and allows trapezoidal (square) as well as sinusoidal (wave) curves.

Performance Data

  • Pressure generation: 10 to 1 000 bar (intensifier)
  • Fine control: 0 to 50 bar (patented fine control method)
  • Pressure change test up to 1 000 bar
  • Flexible pressure curves
  • Pressure Cycle Testing and Pressure Drop Testing
  • Data acquisition and visualization using LabView
black leak test stand with automatic doors and operating PC arm by Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau

Overpressure-vacuum test stand

The pressure leak test stand allows testing in various pressure ranges and is unique with its functionality of underpressure functionality. The leak test rig can achieve overpressure-overpressure, overpressure-vacuum, and vacuum-vacuum pressure ranges. The pressure is variably adjustable and can take place under a wide range of climatic conditions. Test temperatures of -72 ° C to + 180 ° C and a controllable humidity of up to 98% can be reached in a climate chamber. Three (or more) test connections are located on each side of the test chamber and can be shut off individually via separate valves. A leak test is detected at every DUT and excludes it from leakage from the test circuit.

Performance Data

  • High dynamics
  • Test pressure range -0.8 to +3.5 bar
  • A fully air-conditioned test chamber
  • Test temperatures: -72 ° C to + 180 ° C
  • Humidity adjustable up to 98%
Leak test stand with over-  and under pressure with operator chair infront by Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH

Leak test bench <1050 bar with gas (helium)

The leak test stand is suitable for gas pressure tests up to 1050 bar. Tests can be performed with 95/5 moulder gas/H2, helium or nitrogen. Standard 50L gas cylinders or other sources serve as the media source. A leak is detected and registered by a sniffer (e.g. Inficon P3000XL).

The leak test stand is equipped with a special safety concept to protect the operator. New and never before components and prototypes are tested with water in a safety chamber for their bursting pressure (e.g. up to 3000 bar) to understand the component’s behaviour.

A safety box is installed in the climate chamber for testing with gas, which protects against potential component splinters. In addition, various flexible hoses are attached to the box and are equipped with nozzles to detect leakage at several points around the component. Consequentially, the hoses are connected to outlets outside the climate chamber. At the outlets, the operator can use the sniffer to identify the leak. For an underwater test, the safety box is removed or the door of the box is hung out. Frequently tested components in this system are H2 Ontank Valves.

Performance Data

  • Leak test with helium, nitrogen, N2/H2, molder gas
  • Up to 1050 bars
  • Testing in a climate chamber is possible
  • Tests in a water bath
  • Burst pressure test with water <3000 bar for pre-validation
  • Safety concept with a solid box in the climate chamber
1050 bar gas helium, nitrogen and hydrogen leaktest stand with climate chamber on the left and stainless steel security chamber
1050 bar gas helium, nitrogen and hydrogen leak test stand with stainless steel security chamber

Test as a Service

We offer several pressure tests in various pressure ranges as a test service. Whether for research and development or serial production, please contact us with your testing requirements for a non-binding offer.


As a specialist in pressure testing technology and state-of-the-art test rigs, Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau supports the development and production of particularly resilient components made of various materials – especially for automotive, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering as well as fluid and the medical industry. We offer individually designed test benches such as burst pressure test rigs, pressure cycle test benches, leak test systems, functional test rigs and autofrettage systems.

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