graphic of the autofrettage pressure process

Autofrettage Systems up to 16 000 bar. Autofrettage systems enable manufacturers to extend the fatigue strength and service life of components such as common rails, pump heads, (diesel) injection lines and many other components in research and development as well as in series production.

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up to 16 000 bar

Autofrettage is a method for increasing the fatigue strength of components for use at high and pulsating pressures. Consequently, Autofrettage compresses a container’s inner surface, making better use of the material’s structural properties. The process can reduce fatigue concerns in pulsating pressure applications and lets engineers reduce tubing thickness in high-pressure applications without sacrificing strength, life, or safety.

The autofrettage method is based on the reciprocal relationship between the plasticized inner zone and the elastically deformed outer zone. For that reason, the components are placed under so much pressure that their interiors become plastically deformed. After relaxing, pressure stresses are created in these areas, which prevent the outer areas from reforming to their original shape. Instead, it remains stretched. This prevents crack formation in operation, increases the service life of the components, and therefore offers cost reduction potentials.

Typical applications are liners and jackets for high-pressure pumps, pump housings, automotive common-rail injection components for cars and trucks, but also cannon and gun barrels. We at Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau GmbH are the leading manufacturer of Autofrettage systems.

Multipurpose Autofrettage

Due to its high variability, the Universal Autofrettage is ideal for research and development purposes as well as for smaller series production. It increases the fatigue strength of high-pressure components such as pipes, lines, valves, rails, pump heads, sensors and other pressure vessels.

For variable geometries
Components with different geometries can be flexibly autofrettaged on this system. The conversion is carried out by changing the device. The Autofrettage parameters are freely programmable and editable.

Pressure intensifier
The pressure intensifier consists of a drive and a high-pressure part. The hydraulically-driven pressure converter also acts as a mediator.

Performance Data

  • Autofrettage-Pressure up to 16.000 bar
  • Change devices and proportional jig for round and cubic component geometries
  • Freely programmable pressure increase and electronic measuring data acquisition
Small autofrettage system with closed test chamber
presssure curve of an autofrettage process

Common Rail Serial Production Autofrettage

The autofrettage system consists of two subassemblies that are combined into a single compact rig. The pressure generation system (hydraulic intensifier) and the electric control cabinet are installed on one side of the rig. The other side is designed as a test chamber. An automatic door is installed in front of the chamber, while a safety lens in the protective door allows for an observation of the component. The protective door is secured and is programmed to not be opened during the autofrettage process; making it a very safe rig.

Performance Data

  • Autofrettage pressure up to 12 000 bar
  • High component variability: injector nozzles, injection lines, pump heads …
  • Automatic tensioning of different rail types from 200 mm to 1,300 mm in length
  • P+P support for fixture design and changing fixtures
  • Various degrees of automation for efficient production
Autofrettage machine with common rail fixture and open test chamber
presssure curve of an autofrettage process

Autofrettage for Injection Lines

With this system, high-pressure lines for diesel injection are automatically prepared for use with pulsating pressure in series. Different components can be autofrettaged with the system. The changeover is carried out by changing the device.

In a series of ten
A protective door opens on the front for manual insertion and removal of up to ten lines. The control panel is on the right. Among other things, the autofrettage pressure can be freely programmed here. All other relevant data is also displayed there for the operator.

Performance Data

  • Autofrettage pressure up to 9 000 bar (upgradable to 12 000 bar)
  • Can be used for up to five different line types
  • 10-way station
  • Fixture support by PPM
Double chamber autofrettage machine with open test chamber door

Upgradable Autofrettage Rig for Lines

The diesel injection line autofrettage system is an independent unit for the autofrettage of diesel injection lines up to 8,000 bar. Most Poppe + Potthoff Autofrettage rigs can be upgraded to a 10000 bar and 12000 bar autofrettage systems, as well as extended to a multi-chamber system. If your production ramps up, the system can be equivalently adapted. This uniquely developed autofrettage unit is a great starter system as it can be gradually increased from one chamber, to two chambers and all the way to or even 6 chambers in some cases.

Performance Data

  • 8 000 / 10 000 / 12 000 bar autofrettage pressure
  • 1-6 autofrettage chambers each with a separate pressure booster
  • Manual placement and automatic clamping and venting of the lines
  • Complete documentation of the autofrettage process 1-6 autofrettage chambers each with a separate pressure booster
  • Manual placement and automatic clamping and venting of the lines
  • Complete documentation of the autofrettage process
Autofrettage machine with closed chamber  and injection line fixture

Autofrettage for Prototypes and Development

The Autofrettage system is ideal for research and development purposes. The rig allows high flexibility in terms of components that can be autofrettaged. Although limited for autofrettage on high quantities the rig is ideally placed in labs working on improving fatigue strength and material composition of new components. The Autofrettage pressure is freely programmable to fit customers’ requirements per each DUT. The control panel is located at an ergonomic height for operators and all relevant data is displayed to the operator and can be quickly edited at any time.

For example, it is possible to convert the system from a rail device to a pump head device. The system thus allows the autofrettage of various components and can be integrated into research and development as flexibly as possible. Even a small production can be supported with the system.

Performance Data

  • 16 000 bar Autofrettage Pressure
  • Flexible Component Mounting
  • Ideal Autofrettage Machine for Prototypes and Research & Development
Autofrettage machine with open test chamber door and fixture
presssure curve of an autofrettage process and link to an autofrettage video

Testing as a Service

At Poppe + Potthoff we offer autofrettage in various pressure ranges and for many components as a service. Whether for research and development or serial production, please contact us with your testing requirements for a non-binding offer.

Test RIGS and Applications–
Accurate and reliable

As a specialist in pressure testing technology and test rigs, Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau supports the development and production of extremely resilient components made of various materials – especially for automotive, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering as well as fluid and the medical industry. We offer individually designed test benches such as burst pressure test rigs, pressure cycle test benches, leak test systems, functional test rigs and autofrettage systems.

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